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Our Values

Our values guide our actions in the way we relate to others and
the world around us, and are infused throughout our whole curriculum.

Our vision

Moriah children value themselves,

others, and the environment.

Our purpose

Children are inspired to become active and

engaged learners through high quality education,

an outstanding curriculum and our

ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Weaving the mat

The teachers at Moriah follow children’s individual interests and our programme is based around a

woven mat of three areas: Moriah values, Enviroschools guiding principles and the  strands of

Te Whāriki(the Early Childhood Curriculum).

Our values

Moriah Values

Talmud Torah - Love of Learning

Tikkun Olam - Looking after the World

Chesed - Kindness

Masoret - Tradition

Kehillah - Community


Enviroschools Guiding Principles

Empowered students

Learning for Sustainability

Māori perspectives

Respect for the Diversity of People and Cultures

Sustainable Communities


Te Whāriki Strands

Mana Atua -Wellbeing

Mana Whenua - Belonging

Mana Tangata - Contribution

Mana Reo - Communication

Mana Aotūroa - Exploration

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