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Our Day

What does a day at Moriah look like?

Our balance of free play, routines and traditions gives children the freedom to explore and play at their own pace. We have developed our learning environment so that it provides for many different interest areas and stages of development.


Tamariki are supported in their exploration so that they can discover and learn both independently and alongside other children. In this way they build relationships and learn from each other.


Our daily programme

Every day we bake our own bread for morning tea and it is the children that take the lead in this ritual. We all eat together around our tables, which are beautifully set up by the children with table cloths and fresh flowers. Moriah Kindergarten is like a second home for our children, their families and teachers. 


Music and movement sessions are run daily by the teachers and children are encouraged to participate as they feel comfortable. Singing and dancing are wonderful forms of self expression and bring smiles to all ages.


Four year old group time and mat time are others sessions we offer. These are very special opportunities where children can participate in a wide range of unique learning experiences tailored to their interests and enabling connection with each other, and the world around them.


We love to make the most of our central location.  We take regular trips to explore our local park and shops. 

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