'The teachers are extremely warm and caring and they know my children so well; I love the little details they share at the end of the day. The other parents are friendly and welcoming too - it's a community.' 


'A warm family-like atmosphere, combined with teachers who pride themselves on their professional commitment to ensure your child reaches their potential, makes for a pretty stunning yet reassuring environment for all.' 


'I don't regret changing my son's kindy and going 'out of area' for a minute! He talks enthusiastically about what he does at Moriah and about the other kids, which he didn't really do before.' 


'The teachers are very loving, and there's a fantastic balance of free play with structured learning.' 


'It has been amazing to watch all three of our kids grow and thrive in a warm and loving environment.' 


'An amazing family-like kindergarten with the best teachers ever!'