Our values

Our Moriah values guide our actions in the way we relate to others and the world around us, and are infused throughout our whole curriculum:

Tikkun Olam
Looking after the World

Talmud Torah
Love of Learning

We take care of the plants in our Dinosaur World

We love reading books and doing research

  - Talmud Torah  Love of Learning
  - Tikkun Olam  Looking after the World
  - Chesed
  - Mishpacha  Family/Whānau
  - Kavod  Respect and Honour
  - Shmiat HaOzen  Attentiveness
  - Shmirat HaGuf  Caring for the Body
  - Hachnasat Orchim  Welcoming Guests
  - Ma’aseh B’reishit  The Wonder of Life
  - Ohev et HaBriyot  Loving All Creatures
  - Bikur Cholim  Helping To Heal
  - Masoret  Tradition
  - Lichvod Shabbat
 To Honour Shabbat
  - V’Samachta B’chagecha  Celebrating Festivals
Please call us (04 3847585) to find out more about Moriah values and how we incorporate them in our daily activities.
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